Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's Raining....Dog's go on Strike

It is the most frustrating thing when it rains.....both dog's refuse to go outside. Chibi isn't as bad as Sumo...she'll still eat and drink and wait until she REALLY has to go and will rush outside and relieve herself. However, SUMO will stop eating drinking and will refuse to step foot/paw near the door. We literally have to find him (he's usually hiding down the hall or under the bed), leash him up and either carry or drag him outside. Once outside, he'll sit on the stepping stone and look up at the rain or run back to the door. It's so frustrating when we know he has to go.

Today, both dog's decide to go on strike and not go (i know they have to because it's their routine before we leave for work and i know they better because it's a long day before anyone comes home).

I took both dog's outside in our backyard (like I normally do) and they both did nothing....it wasn't raining outside but was damp. So I attempted to take them both outside to the front. I leashed Sumo up first and after standing outside in the fog and freezing cold he finally went #1 but ran straight back to the door. Chibi was next....just as she was about to relieve herself the garbage man comes and she panics. I tried to calm her down but at this point she is tugging me towards the front door. So I bring her inside and try to take her to the backyard....she can still hear the garbage truck and refuses to go. By this point, I'm getting extremely frustrated and at the point of yelling at Chibi (who probably could care less)..telling her to go pee or poo. I give up, walk into the house and tell my husband........it's now up to him.

I left for work...not sure if Chibi or Sumo ever went or finished going and dread the fact if they didn't we may find a "surprise" somewhere in the house. Ugh!


Mika said...

How is Chibi and Sumo doing? We haven't heard about them in a while. We hope all is good on your end!

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