Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ahhhhh POOP!

Ok, spoke too soon.

Sumo has been so averse to peeing/pooping outside and holding it, I guess it was bound to happen. He pooped in his bed (again). He hasn't done that since he was less than a year old. But his unwillingness to poop when he's let outside in the rain is stronger than the common sense to not poop in the house! :-p

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Return of Shiba Cam


New Camera Lens + Doggies

New tests/samples with an ultra-wide angle lens!

Grown Up Doggies Who Hate Water/Cold

Ok, the good news is, the doggies are no longer required to stay in their exercise pens when we leave the house. There is finally some free space in the family room again! We're pretty sure they sleep, sit and lay on the couch while we're gone (since they're not allowed on the furniture when we're at home).

Sumo is a big boy dog now. He's allowed to sleep in munchkin's bedroom at night outside of his crate (on the bed). Chibi still prefers her crate. She'll jump up on our bed and rest for a while at night, but eventually jumps back off and crawls into her crate (and we do still close the crate door once she's inside).

Neither dog pee's or poop's when it's wet, raining, windy and storming outside. The average time between pee's this week for Sumo is between 12-24 hours (yes, he went 1 full day without peeing or pooping).

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Attempt to Keep Updated

In the midst of youth competitive soccer, scouts, basketball league, etc...something was neglected (the blog) :-p

Dogs are fine, they went to their first grooming session for nail clipping, ear hair removal, paw fur cleanup, bath, etc. They both came back puffy and clean.

The big news is the removal of the doggie pens while we're not at home. While they are still blocked off from some areas of the house, they are no longer confined to their pens! (which makes them happy, and our family room look less like a dog kennel!)

Sumo has turned into a cat this Winter (e.g. sleeps all day in a ball on the top of the couch or under a blanket or curled up next to us), Chibi is still Chibi :-p