Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quick Updates

We've been slacking...we'll need to put up some new pics soon.

Chibi and Sumo are nearly the same size now. Haven't checked his weight, but they're only about .5 inch apart shoulder to shoulder. He's definitely putting on weight quickly. The joke now is that his body is more full, and rounder than chibi, but his head is still puppy sized. Fat dog with a little body :)

Chibi's itching has been dwindling since we started her on the antihisthimine/steriod medication. She's stopped chewing on the hair on her back, and the bald spot is slowly starting to grow back. She's also started being a little more of a butthead to Sumo. We've had to keep an eye on her around feeding time. She's starting to become a little more territorial around feeding time (unless we're standing right next to her, in which case she's fine). Not sure if it has something to do with him gettting bigger.

Sumo is warming up to the "lets go for a walk". He still hides a little bit, but now that he's old enough to have a big boy collar and not use his harness when he walks, he seems much more open to it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Anybody Want/Need A Shiba?

A couple weeks ago, we saw an email from one of the local shiba groups asking if anybody knew of, or lost a black and tan that turned up at the local SPCA.

This past weekend (Saturday), we were at another basketball tournament and saw the lady that had the small puffy red shiba (from a couple weeks back). She mentioned she had picked up (rescued) a black and tan from the SPCA. Turns out it was the same one.

We went back Sunday, and she had brought him out to the gym to see if anybody wanted to adopt him. One of the normal rescue organizations (for the Nor Cal area), couldn't pick him up because the foster dad is sick and couldnt get here in time, so she was housing him for the next 2 weeks.

If anybody in the Northern California area is interested in adopting a black and tan shiba, here are the details:
  • Black and tan male
  • About 8 years old
  • Neutered
  • Has a knee issue that will require surgery (we've been told that the rescue org will pay for half for whoever adopts him, about $1000)
  • Seems to be (from our 20-30 minutes with him) to be an easy going, sweet, mellow doggie
  • He did fail the SPCA temperament "test" (which is why they wouldnt allow him to be adopted)...BUT...the test was administered after he had been locked in his kennel for 2 weeks, they handed him a rawhide, then tried to take it from him and he growled at them. Not really a fair test of a dog (IMHO)
  • take a look at the pics at the will see how much faith we put in the results of their "test"
  • if you're interested, leave a msg here (in the next week or so, otherwise, he's off to the san jose area rescue group)
  • if we had the room, he would have helped us complete the trifecta of shiba colors!

(would a ill tempered dog be this comfy surrounded by a crowd of people?)

(defintely an ill tempered dog lol...about 2 minutes later, he was asleep)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bed, Bath, Beyond

looks like the bed switch is permanant. chibi now walks into sumo's crate at night, and vice versa. they both sleep better, so we'll leave it as it is :D

sumo had his second bath last night. he does "ok" (at least relative to chibi). he doesnt like it, but he doesnt fuss as much or scream as much as chibi did/does. he was starting to get that "i smell like a dog" aroma, so it was about time. chibi had her bath as well. she's itching/scratching tons more (looks like she's blowing her coat). it usually helps for a day or 2 (in addition to furminating every other day)

i probably should have taken pics, but after sumo was dried, he got super extra puffy. he hasnt shed much at all (unlike chibi did at 5-6 months). he got SO puffy, that he looked LIKE a sumo dog. it put 5 pounds of weight on him :p he looked bigger than chibi, and his rear fur just exploded into a big "rap guy's girlfriend" butts. he looked extra extra shiba inu puffy (except of course, being that 'defective' cream color)

Monday, May 12, 2008


apparently, chibi now prefers sumo's crate to sleep in, and sumo prefers chibi's.

chibi just wanders into his crate at night, and sumo actually prefers chibi's (he actually doesnt whine and bang on the door to get out).

guess it works out for everybody

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Been Slackin...

ok quite a few updates...ill try to summarize:

sumo has become the "i dont wanna go to bed" kid. no matter how much exercise, or activity, or keeping him up at night with no naps, he just doesnt want to go into his kennel at night. it usually takes about 20 minutes of "shiba whine" to get him to sleep.

chibi had what looked like a growth on her soft under belly. of course, i paniced and took her to the vet. turns out it was an infected T-Tee. she's on antibiotics now (for the last 5 days), and it appears to be clearing up.

chibi has decided she doesnt like sleeping in her kennel anymore either. she DOES however still like sleeping in A kennel (sumo's). we did actually put sumo into chibi's kennel last night (a wire crate, a bit larger than his usual, and he actually seemed to go to sleep faster).

woke up this AM (6 AMish) as usualy to sumo whining to get out and run around. found chibi had opened the kennel/crate door (we have been leaving hers open at night, since she usually just sits in there anyways) and was just staring out the window next to him (basically, what woke him up)

we're thinking we'll start moving one of the doggie beds (probably chibi's favorite one) into kiki's room at night, and see if she'll sleep in there without eating stuff or other mischief. it's been the plan all along to have chibi sleep with kiki, but until about now, she hasnt been trustworthy/mature enough to try. we're not sure how she'll react to sleeping in a room without sumo.

sumo is also rapidly getting HUGER AND HUGER. he's looking almost the peer size to chibi. more teenager than puppy look. still has the pupppy like puffy soft coat. he hasnt started shedding like chibi (at the same age). we're wondering if maybe the "genetic" defect that gives him the cream/white coat also has some "less shedding" side effect (we should BE so lucky :p)

just for the record, we must have the only dog that doesnt like the word "walk" or the act of going on a walk. you say "walk", chibi immedately is attached to your heels, or runs to the door, or decides to ram into sumo at high speed over and over to get him to the door. sumo hears the word "walk", he sulks over, starts looking sad, and tries to hide in the corners of the house. he hates exercise....fat dog....definitely MY dog :)