Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sumo & His Upside Down Bed

After fighting/playing King of the Bed with Chibi and flipping the bed over. Sumo decides to try and nap on it. Our special boy...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Old School Photos

Ha, Mom found some old photos of Chibi and Sumo :-)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Exercise Dogs?

I recently started jogging with the dogs. I waited until Sumo was at least 18 months (Chibi is already 2.5 yrs).

Chibi used to really enjoy the "running" aspect of the daily exercise, but now she's settled into trotting along behind JUST fast enough to keep the tension off the leash. Sumo (of course) runs ahead and still hasn't figured out the leash will pull him back when he gets too far ahead.

Even if I pick up the pace to "run" vs. "jog", Chibi isn't going any faster. She loves being outside and will trot as long as we stay out there...but "fast" isn't on her agenda anymore.

I'm not a runner (nor do I really enjoy jogging either), but I think Chibi is starting to take after her owner :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Huge Mega Sumo!

Ok, not really huge...nor mega...but Mom picked up Chibi last night (who doesn't like being carried or cuddled, hence why we try to pick her up and cuddle her) and then picked up Sumo (who loves being carried and/or cuddled).

"Wow! Sumo weighs more than Chibi!"

It took a year and half, but he's now taller AND heavier than Chibi. He still doesn't LOOK bigger (it's probably the color and style of his coat).

When we first got Sumo we just assumed he'd always be smaller. Chibi was much bigger than both Sumo's parents. Oh well, guess that's what we paid the extra $ for in their special dog food? :-) lol

Doesn't matter much though, Chibi still rules the house.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Happens When You Eat String...

Sumo decided it would be a good idea to shred his rope toy (and several pairs of socks). What goes in, must come out, right?

He figured out (and was angry about it), that his intestines don't actually digest thread, but instead, use it to string his poop together into a long chain that doesn't come out. No matter how loudly you scream at your butt, or run around in a circle.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Frisbee dogs! NOT

Chibi (and techically Sumo) have had a chewy frisbee for several months now. Never known as retrievers or big air dogs, I was hoping they'd at least "catch". After this length of time, I've learned:
  1. Chibi tries to bat the frisbee down or catch it inbetween her paws, then grab it with her mouth
  2. Chibi hasn't figured out that you cant pickup the frisbee when you're standing on it
  3. Sumo has no idea what a frisbee is, nor does he care

Friday, July 31, 2009

Sumo & the Coo-Coo Berries (we think)

Last weekend while we were out.....the baby-sitters, our daughter and her friends were swimming in the pool. Apparently they let the doggies run around in the backyard while they were swimming. Around 11 when we got home....Sumo was acting strange....(more so than usual).....his tail was semi-straight and he kept whipping his head around sniffing. We both figured maybe he had farted and startled himself (a common occurrence with our special boy...Sumo).

When it was time for bed....he was still acting a little strange but ran into his pen for his bedtime snack. About 10-15 minute later, he began whining, so we let him out to the bathroom. He tried to pee but nothing came out.....put him back into his kennel........he began to whine again. Finally took him out of his pen and I grabbed my pillow and headed into the living room with Sumo. He started wondering up and down the halls, sniffing in the air and acting like he was hallucinating...with his tail straight. He did this for several hours and then finally curled up next to me on the couch and went to bed. He woke up the next morning and was fine.

We think he may have munched on some of the fermented plums that fell from the neighbors tree. Poor guy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back from Vacation

We just got back from a week long vacation in beautiful Oxnard, CA. (aka. close enough to Santa Barbara so that we could afford the rental house "on" the beach, vs. "near" the beach) :)

Chibi and Sumo did not have to go to the boarding kennel this time. They were lucky enough to stay with their trainer (who also does dog sitting) this time. They got to play with a golden all day, as well as get their behavior fine tuned as needed :)

Reports back were that it was pretty much as we had anticipated. Chibi was always on patrol/alert & was the primary play buddy, Sumo was always on the couch looking to be pet.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Doggie Meds Are Back

Well, allergy season has returned. Chibi chewed another hole in her coat and licked most of the hair off her backside (which required a steriod med to reduce the itchies, and an antibacterial shampoo).

Sumo started rubbing his eyes until they started getting oozy again, and also licking his paws (until they got infected between his toes), which required the "cone of shame" or a day, then an antibiotic, then eye drops, and also benedryl.

On the upside, we removed all the ground cover in the backyard (that hid all the cat poop), so now the doggies can run free in the backyard (but now they don't really seem as excited to do it).

Monday, June 29, 2009

Out of the Frying Pan...

For some strange reason this weekend, Chibi decided it would be a good idea to sleep/rest/relax in the fireplace...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Leaving the Doggies In Jail

Well, eventually it would have to happen. We had a weekend trip and were unable to use our normal friendly "watch the doggies" resources.

We boarded them at our local vet hospital (where they are favorites among the vet techs). We also opted for the "bathe the dogs before we take them home" option for a few extra $. (who wants doggies who have vet/kennel smell at home).

When we arrived to pick them up, one of the techs said, "Sumo doesn't like baths does he?" We replied, "no, not really, why do you ask?"

About an hour before we arrived, one of the techs heard another struggling with Sumo in the grooming area. The noise stopped, she saw the other tech walk from the area soaking wet with the request, "can someone come help me please?". After another 10 minutes with some help, they both walked into the reception area soaking wet.

The key lessons from this weekend. The dogs are fine for a weekend at a boarding facility, and Sumo doesn't like baths (at all) :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Minor Achievement

Well, we'll take the wins where we can get them. Ever since Chibi was a puppy, we haven't been able to let her go pee/poop outside without supervision (and on leash). Mostly because our backyard has TONS of ground cover and we are visited by many many many several many cats that deposit a bunch of cat mines in the ground cover.

Chibi would always bolt away from us, not come back in, and come in after eating a good share of cat poop. Seeing as we can't have that, we always had to take her out on leash to pee/poop in back. With repetitive training, she no longer tries to bolt on leash at least, but if left to her own devices, would go look for cat mines and return with very unpleasant breath.

Sumo however, has been much better about going out the door, IMMEDATELY turning right towards the grass, doing business and returning on demand/call. Mostly because he's terrified of the pool and won't walk towards the ground cover because it means passing by the pool.

The last few times, we have been able to let him go off leash and do business and then he'll run back in the house with no distraction. YEA!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ever Wonder What Your Dog Sounds Like...?

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who has imagined what my dog's personality, voice, thoughts would be like if they "could" talk...our family has been watching clips from "Up!", and we're convinced that if Sumo could speak, he'd be Dug the dog...especially when we walk him, and his biggest distraction..."SQUIRREL!"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Morning Eater, Evening Eater

We've started noticing, Sumo prefers to eat his main meal of the day first thing in the AM (after pee/poop time).

Chibi on the other hand, usually waits until the evenings (after 8 PM) to have her main meal of the day.

Another random question of the day, why is it that Chibi will pee/poop during 1 trip outside. Sumo, will pee, come back in the house for about 5 minutes, then want to go back outside to poop. Would definitely save some time if he would do both at the same time. We've tried to keep him outside until he poops, but when we try that...he sits on the ground and just looks up at us like we're nuts (e.g. "Hello! I'm done!!!")

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sumo DOGS!

Mom had some free time and photoshop...not always a good thing :-)

Maybe A Napkin?

Sumo has become very consistent in his eating patterns and behavior as of late.

Grab a mouthful of kibble, walk over to the area rug, drop it, eat one piece at a time

Once he's done eating, lay on a different part of the area rug and wipe his snout, mouth, muzzle on the area rug. I guess our carpet is his napkin :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bound to Happen

It was bound to happen. They were GOING to get into the garbage can eventually I suppose.

Chibi has figured out how to open the garbage can. She uses her front paws to step on the foot pedal and crack the lid open. She then shoves her nose in the small crack and keep it open. From there, she gets up on her back paws and shoves her whole head into it.

It only works when the lid isn't totally closed (or has a bad seal from the plastic garbage bag that hangs over the edges).

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Behavior...Interesting....

Sumo has started just laying flat on the ground on a frequent basis. Head resting on the floor...looking quite pathetic.

Missed a good opportunity to capture some pics yesterday while looking for a camera. He had decided to sit with his new pose on the floor, head flat on the ground looking up at us with a pathetic expression. Chibi decided it would be a good time to grab a bone, walk over next to him, place/prop the bone resting against his head and start chewing on it (while Sumo continued to sit there doing nothing about it).

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Size Update and "From Time to Time"

Well, I guess it was possible.

Sumo is now officially the same size as Chibi. She had been outweighing him by about 4 pounds the last few months and we had stopped weighing him assuming it was just genetics. But looking at the dogs today we decided to weigh them. They are now exactly the same size (or at least the same density). The boy dog finally caught up. He is looking much more buffed lately. His size has increased across his shoulders and chest.

22 pounds and change for both of them.

From time to time, they get into arguments. Loud. Boisterous, and vociferous. But for the most part, just noise. Tonight was the exception. They went at it pretty good over a chew bone. Started like normal but escalated beyond normal. Had to pull them apart.
Finally tally:
  • Chibi with a bruised paw and minor limp
  • Sumo with a slight injury above the eye
2 minutes later...back to normal. I just think he's not taking any more shznit from her as he gets older/bigger. Hopefully this was just aberration.

Clearing Up and We Were RUNNNNIN'

after a few days of eye goop ointment, sumo's eyes look tons better. the only thing now is the staining from his tears (which there isn't much we can do with).

as the doggies are now both over a year old, ive started jogging (at my pace, it's probably closer to a very brisk normal person walk) with the doggies every other day (alternating with walking).

sumo still tries to dash ahead (even with this new harness -- which still tips him over when he pulls too hard), but chibi has figured out a good "trotting" pace to match my run. i still haven't figured out yet which is better (or which they enjoy more), a longer "walk" or a shorter more intense run. the distance covered is the same, but the duration changes every other day.

from what i can tell, they seem to be more relaxed after a jog/run (or at least they sleep/nap longer after) :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Allergy Season

I guess it's allergy season already.

aka. coat blowing season

this time around it's not chibi with the allergy issue (see: eating her own fur and scratching a bald spot from last year), it's sumo.

his eyes have had a higher than normal amount of tearing and he's been rubbing his face more the last few days. taking him to the vet this evening just to make sure that's all it is. but if i didn't know better, i'd say it was a case of the watery red eyes that goes along with high windy springtime weather.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Been a While

Let's see what's new...
  • We bought a new we hope to be posting new pics soon (once we figure out how to USE the thing)
  • Chibi discovered a loose few threads on the couch (NEVER a good thing)
  • The doggies have pretty much been themselves lately
  • Chibi lost her mega puffy look (looks like the "blow the coat season" is here)
  • The doggies like ducks (at least staring at the one that is in our pool every AM)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well, I Guess He Was Due?

We're not entirely sure what happened....or if it's a change in the "norm" caused issue...but....

Earlier this week, we happened to run out of our normal doggie food so we had to scramble and hit the grocery store to pickup a small stash to get us through Sunday breakfast and dinner (until Monday when I could get down to our normal feed store).

Of course, the doggies LOVED the new food (they love any change of flavor after 25#'s of the same for a few weeks).

Sumo is now a year and 3 months and hasn't had an accident for a good while (other then when he is in his pen and can't helpt it). I got home, he walked down the hall and just decided to squat and poop in the hall. Didn't even bother to go to the door on the other side of the house...just walked over, looked me in the eye and felt the need to poop (a bunch btw -- sorry for the visual).

About a hour or so later, he decided he wanted to pee by the back door on the new door mat (he normally scratches or barks to go outside).

We'll give him this mulligan for now and assume it was the new food (which also gave both dogs frequent and unbearable gas).

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another? NOT

We were scanning the local paper today. Found an ad for 2 sets of shiba puppies. 3 black and tan male puppies and another litter of 4 red ones. The 4 reds are from the same parents as Sumo dog.

For about one tenth of a fraction of a second, we were thinking about completing the set and picking up a black and tan, but...NOT!

Just When You Think It's Safe

Chibi decides to EAT another corner on our baseboards...Nothing like destroying the newly installed/painted baseboards from 2 yrs ago. She's 2 yrs old...She hasn't destroyed anything of consequence in a few months (other than some cardboard boxes...but I guess if we had left her, she would have eaten what was IN the boxes too).

[and in homage to the NBA trade deadline passing today]

Interesting observation with Chibi and Sumo around a new toy I bought. A huge rope ball (about the size of canteloupe). They both love it. Sumo had it the other night and wouldn't give it up. So Chibi watched him for about 10 minutes, then went over to the toy bin and pulled out their favorite bone. She dropped it right in front of him. Then waited to see if he'd leave the rope ball. No chance.

We just thought it was interesting. It was almost as if she was offering up a trade. Or at least tried to distract him.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Photo Evidence

Ok, here's the photo evidence of sumo on the levy in utter fear! :-p

Harness, Sumo, Not as Dumb as We Think?

well, i got the harness home and took it out of the box. the dogs were their normal happy selves when they saw me get home.

chibi saw the harness and immedately became curious. she came over, sniffed it, stuck her nose all over it, pushed her head through the loops, even licked it for taste. sumo, on the other hand, immedately backed up and away from me and wouldnt come within a 6 foot radius of me.

not wanting to force anything, i just set the harness on the floor and did our normal greetings and petting, rubbing (only chibi was close at this time). i was waiting for sumo to come over and get his normal welcome. i waited about 5 mintues, and he still kept his radius. usually when i give chibi attention, within SECONDS, sumo is there sticking his whole body betwen chibi and i.

i finally gave in and grabbed some treats (his nemisis). chibi was happy now, she got attention and treats. sumo came within "i can get the treat" distance, but wouldnt let me pet him still. i needed to size the harness, so i put it on chibi as a test. she was fine, so i figured sumo would be close (since he's a bit smaller).

sumo wouldnt come any close, i just had to have him sit, then put it on him. he immedately tried "cleaning" it off on the floor, down the hall, on the couch. it was the shiba 500 all over the house (by himself).

the upside, after the first 2-3 times of pulling/bolting/running where he almost flipped himself over in a ball. he adjusted to the harness and the walks were fine! (so far) we got home, and i left the harness on him for another 30 minutes so that he would become more acclimated to it. it's hard to tell if he was more sad or ticked off at us as he sat/layed on the floor with his head down not moving.

oh well, it worked. the walk was pleasant!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh Yah, Few Extra Tidbits

took the dogs back on a walk to the levy. chibi was fine (as usual), and sumo actually appeared to be ok for the first 5 minutes, until he looked to his left and saw the river (aka. EEEEEEEEEK! HUGE BODY OF WATER). 

he then spent the next 10 minutes crawling on his belly (newly clean from a shower) on the far right side of the levy trying to get down the hill back to safety.


This is much better than last year (last year on her birthday, she decided to pee in the house) :-)

Reeling in a Sumo-Fish

ok, it's been over a year and sumo still wont "not pull" while walking. he honestly doesnt seem to mind choking himself with uncontrolled panting while on a leash. we've tried:
  • stop immedately when he starts pulling (no good)
  • immedately reverse direction when he starts pulling (no good)
  • treats when "not" pulling (works, until we run out of treats)
moving on to something new now...going to try a new harness. not the "gentle leader" (yet), we're going to try the gentle lead "harness"

cross your fingers!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Apparently They Do Have Issues To Work On

we bought chibi and sumo a new chewbone (natural bone with some leftovers on it) from our local gourmet store (since i had to buy a new bag of food).

when i bought the bone, the girl behind the desk asked if i'd like 2 (since the store tracks the sales/owners/dogs) since i have 2 dogs. ive decided buying 2 is a bit of a waste. i used to buy 2 of every toy, but over time ive realized that even if the toys are identical, the dogs want what the other has and one toy goes unplayed with.

when i brought the new chewbone out we learned a few things:
  1. it smells...a lot
  2. the dogs REALLY liked it
  3. they were able to both share/chew on it at the same time
  4. once sumo had left the bone and tried to come back, chibi nearly ripped his head off and needed to be put in a timeout

the bone has been re-bagged (to help contain the fantastic aroma) and put away until we decide if the dogs will be able to share it or not. we havent seen such a "high value" toy/treat since sumo was a puppy. for the most part, they argue over toys, but nothing quite so aggresive.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Catching Up on Pics

Here's what it looks like when a rotweiler decides to eat a sumo dog:

on a much happier note, his staples have been out for a few weeks, and the fur is now growing back.

a much better option to see (a few weeks after the attack):

Interesting Weekend

we had to send chibi and sumo to a dog sitter this weekend (thurs through sunday). we usually use one of our friends who know the doggies, but since she was going to be with us this weekend, that wasnt going to work.

we were lucky enough to have our dog trainer (who also provides other services -- dog walking, dog sitting, etc.) available to watch them. she's known both doggies since they were puppies so we figured it was a win/win situation. she has a male golden retriever, which we figured would be good for the dogs (so in addition to each other, they have someone else to play with)

key learnings:
  • sumo isnt quite as doggie social as chibi (not that he's anti-social, just not as anxious or enthusiastic about playing)
  • chibi got in trouble a few times during the weekend for playing too rough/aggressively with the retriever (we always have suspected that our shibas play rougher than normal/happy play dogs. chibi and her brother tomo still go at each other pretty hard and loud everytime they meet, sumo and chibi are fairly aggressive in their play as well)
  • chibi does have some food protection issues (which we have been noticing, but we usually dont have to deal with since we feed the dogs seperately across the room)
  • both dogs are now famous for hating water/rain (our sitter noticed that they really acted like a bunch of pansies when it was time to pee/poop and it was raining outside)

like usual, when they got back 'home' with us, they pretty much slept the entire day and ate 2x their normal amounts (usually when we leave them, they dont rest much and they hardly eat).

it was nice getting to clean the house of most doggie fur, not have to worry about opening and closing doors with an eye to where they dogs were, and have some peace and quiet for the days they were gone. we're just as happy to have them back now too though.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Observations

sumo has definitely learned the sounds and patterns around the house. late at night around bedtime, any time we get up to go someplace or he hears the sound of the tv turning off, he bolts to the bedroom door and waits for his treat to go to bed.

the other night, he was sleeping on munchkin's bed. we were in the living room watching tv. turned the tv off to go to bed, and heard him jump off the bed and come rumbling down the hall to meet us at the bedroom door.

as he gets older he's also challenging chibi more for "who's the alpha doggie". he still loses. he's also started making new and unique noises. a cross between barking, yelling, and screaming. definitely fun to a whining cry of complaint. the best description is scooby doo with a voice about 50 octaves higher.

chibi dog is still chibi dog. she's getting fluffier every winter. someday i'll get around to posting some updated pix (as well as the "frankensumo" pictures after he got his staples). his staples were removed a week or so ago. the scars are healing well and the fur is growing back now :)