Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Been a While

Let's see what's new...
  • We bought a new we hope to be posting new pics soon (once we figure out how to USE the thing)
  • Chibi discovered a loose few threads on the couch (NEVER a good thing)
  • The doggies have pretty much been themselves lately
  • Chibi lost her mega puffy look (looks like the "blow the coat season" is here)
  • The doggies like ducks (at least staring at the one that is in our pool every AM)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well, I Guess He Was Due?

We're not entirely sure what happened....or if it's a change in the "norm" caused issue...but....

Earlier this week, we happened to run out of our normal doggie food so we had to scramble and hit the grocery store to pickup a small stash to get us through Sunday breakfast and dinner (until Monday when I could get down to our normal feed store).

Of course, the doggies LOVED the new food (they love any change of flavor after 25#'s of the same for a few weeks).

Sumo is now a year and 3 months and hasn't had an accident for a good while (other then when he is in his pen and can't helpt it). I got home, he walked down the hall and just decided to squat and poop in the hall. Didn't even bother to go to the door on the other side of the house...just walked over, looked me in the eye and felt the need to poop (a bunch btw -- sorry for the visual).

About a hour or so later, he decided he wanted to pee by the back door on the new door mat (he normally scratches or barks to go outside).

We'll give him this mulligan for now and assume it was the new food (which also gave both dogs frequent and unbearable gas).