Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Been A While

nothing really new to report....

minor updates:
  • sumo still barking at stuff more than we'd like, but still friendly
  • chibi/sumo helped a family catch their stray dog that was running down the street...by just sitting there and letting the dog sniff them
  • we've switched back to the original food that chibi had when she was a puppy (since we now know the allergies she had were environment based)
  • chibi's allergies returned and she's back on her meds
  • still need to post some updated pictures
  • we've been letting the dogs run around the backyard more and explore
  • sumo stil is the only one that responds to the "retrieve/come" command everytime

i think sumo is entering his "out of control crackhead teenage" years/months. he's started to destroy stuff again, and isnt quite listening as well as before. chibi did the same thing at 9 months, so hopefully, he'll grow out of it too :)