Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sumo The Guard Dog!

Sumo has been sleeping in munchkin's room from time to time lately. Last night he woke her up with warning barks (which was more him being scared of something in the dark). When we got to her room, we found that her backpack had fallen off the beanbag chair and he was warning it to stay away.

Well, we think he was warning it/us. A few minutes after we turned the lights back off and put him back in there, he was crying to get out and away from the scary backpack. :-p

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Guess I'm Just Lazy

We have taught Chibi and Sumo what we though were "many" tricks. The Shiba Inu isn't un-trainable, but also it's reputation is that it's not as easy as many other breeds.

We have done many of the basics, sit, stay, lay down, come (which works when they feel like it), roll-over (which only Chibi will do), shake, high-five, around, speak (which only Sumo will do), and weave.

Apparently, there are many that we have left out :-p