Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Size Update and "From Time to Time"

Well, I guess it was possible.

Sumo is now officially the same size as Chibi. She had been outweighing him by about 4 pounds the last few months and we had stopped weighing him assuming it was just genetics. But looking at the dogs today we decided to weigh them. They are now exactly the same size (or at least the same density). The boy dog finally caught up. He is looking much more buffed lately. His size has increased across his shoulders and chest.

22 pounds and change for both of them.

From time to time, they get into arguments. Loud. Boisterous, and vociferous. But for the most part, just noise. Tonight was the exception. They went at it pretty good over a chew bone. Started like normal but escalated beyond normal. Had to pull them apart.
Finally tally:
  • Chibi with a bruised paw and minor limp
  • Sumo with a slight injury above the eye
2 minutes later...back to normal. I just think he's not taking any more shznit from her as he gets older/bigger. Hopefully this was just aberration.

Clearing Up and We Were RUNNNNIN'

after a few days of eye goop ointment, sumo's eyes look tons better. the only thing now is the staining from his tears (which there isn't much we can do with).

as the doggies are now both over a year old, ive started jogging (at my pace, it's probably closer to a very brisk normal person walk) with the doggies every other day (alternating with walking).

sumo still tries to dash ahead (even with this new harness -- which still tips him over when he pulls too hard), but chibi has figured out a good "trotting" pace to match my run. i still haven't figured out yet which is better (or which they enjoy more), a longer "walk" or a shorter more intense run. the distance covered is the same, but the duration changes every other day.

from what i can tell, they seem to be more relaxed after a jog/run (or at least they sleep/nap longer after) :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Allergy Season

I guess it's allergy season already.

aka. coat blowing season

this time around it's not chibi with the allergy issue (see: eating her own fur and scratching a bald spot from last year), it's sumo.

his eyes have had a higher than normal amount of tearing and he's been rubbing his face more the last few days. taking him to the vet this evening just to make sure that's all it is. but if i didn't know better, i'd say it was a case of the watery red eyes that goes along with high windy springtime weather.