Monday, October 27, 2008

Let's see

yes, we've been lazy in posting pics. we'll have to get around to that. reality is, we've been lazy just getting pictures off the cameras lately.

sumo's been a good boy latey. still barking on occasion at the random stranger during walks (usually male). chibi however, is getting tired of his noise during the walks and usually let's him know when it's he's been barking too much and it is time to move on (ramming into him, screaming at him, or generally putting his head in her mouth).

he still has the habit/behavior of grabbing a toy and barking at people when he see's them or gets too excited. not sure why, but it is still just as amusing to watch :)

we watched an interesting show on the animal planet the other day "Dogs 101". the show essentially goes over dogs breed by breed (no shiba inu yet), and describes the size, behavior, traits, and general ownership information (good for families, size of house required, amount of exercise, etc.). it also warns that it's only a breed generalization, your results will vary.

a commonality we've come to really embrace. sumo and chibi couldnt be more different. we love them both, but they are definitely different dogs. the only question is, "would sumo be sumo, if he had been the first dog in the house, or the more dominant dog in the house? is he only the way he is, because chibi is there?"

we'll never know for sure, but it's interesting to wonder.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Excursion to the Dog Park

well, this was a big weekend.

chibi and sumo had their first trip to a dog park. mom forgot our camera, so we dont have any documented proof, but we still had a great time.

we went to meet another shiba owner from the area. we got there and the dogs were excited (just excited to be out and about mostly), but we still werent sure what to expect with our shiba's unleashed and free running with other dogs. we got to the entry gate, and each seemed excited to be there.

we walked around for the first 5-10 minutes with each on a leash just to make sure there wouldnt be any huge issues. they were both mostly calm and more interested in sniffing dirt/grass/bushes/fence than playing with the other dogs.

once off leash, they had fun sniffing almost every square inch of the park (sumo mostly trailing chibi around the park). they sniffed and were sniffed by other dogs, nothing dramatic. there was one shiba 500 burst of chasing each other that lasted about 20 seconds. the rest of the time was just happily trotting around exploring. sumo made the most friends (dogs and people), while chibi mostly stuck to her own agenda.

once the heat and exhaustion took over, she actually walked along side me for the rest of the day. sumo found a shady spot under one of the other dog owner's chairs and sat there. we were happy to say the "ill tempered, self absorbed, dominant" myth of shiba's in a dog park were just that for us.

the only close call was when chibi was sniffing a bush and a HUGE MEGA SIZED male malamute came along side and needed to pee on the bush. since the malamute was about a foot and a half taller than her, he was just standing above her (didnt see her), lifted his leg and started to pee. she missed being peed on by about 0.5 seconds and 1/2 an inch.

we'll have to head back soon :)