Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Exercise Dogs?

I recently started jogging with the dogs. I waited until Sumo was at least 18 months (Chibi is already 2.5 yrs).

Chibi used to really enjoy the "running" aspect of the daily exercise, but now she's settled into trotting along behind JUST fast enough to keep the tension off the leash. Sumo (of course) runs ahead and still hasn't figured out the leash will pull him back when he gets too far ahead.

Even if I pick up the pace to "run" vs. "jog", Chibi isn't going any faster. She loves being outside and will trot as long as we stay out there...but "fast" isn't on her agenda anymore.

I'm not a runner (nor do I really enjoy jogging either), but I think Chibi is starting to take after her owner :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Huge Mega Sumo!

Ok, not really huge...nor mega...but Mom picked up Chibi last night (who doesn't like being carried or cuddled, hence why we try to pick her up and cuddle her) and then picked up Sumo (who loves being carried and/or cuddled).

"Wow! Sumo weighs more than Chibi!"

It took a year and half, but he's now taller AND heavier than Chibi. He still doesn't LOOK bigger (it's probably the color and style of his coat).

When we first got Sumo we just assumed he'd always be smaller. Chibi was much bigger than both Sumo's parents. Oh well, guess that's what we paid the extra $ for in their special dog food? :-) lol

Doesn't matter much though, Chibi still rules the house.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Happens When You Eat String...

Sumo decided it would be a good idea to shred his rope toy (and several pairs of socks). What goes in, must come out, right?

He figured out (and was angry about it), that his intestines don't actually digest thread, but instead, use it to string his poop together into a long chain that doesn't come out. No matter how loudly you scream at your butt, or run around in a circle.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Frisbee dogs! NOT

Chibi (and techically Sumo) have had a chewy frisbee for several months now. Never known as retrievers or big air dogs, I was hoping they'd at least "catch". After this length of time, I've learned:
  1. Chibi tries to bat the frisbee down or catch it inbetween her paws, then grab it with her mouth
  2. Chibi hasn't figured out that you cant pickup the frisbee when you're standing on it
  3. Sumo has no idea what a frisbee is, nor does he care