Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Away (Summary)

we had a weekend out of town, which means the doggies got to stay with our friend who graciously volunteered to watch them. our friend has kitties in the house, so we were interested to see:
  1. how they'd do with cats in the house
  2. how they'd do away from our house and us for a weekend
what we learned this weekend:
  1. chibi is a big huge wussie dog. she barked/shiba screamed at the cats like she always does through the window at home when she sees the cats in our backyard, the cat got mad and hissed at her, chibi kept going until the cat (declawed) bopped her in the head. chibi proceeded to run away, tail straightened onto the couch and hide behind a sleeping sumo (who was oblivious to the event and the cats)
  2. sumo is oblivious to most things...didnt really even notice nor care about the cats being around
  3. sumo doesn't realize he's not a tiny puppy anymore and tried to sleep inside one of the kitty cat houses (and didnt fit very well)
  4. chibi is brave when mom is around. when mom went to pick chibi up, she decided it was time to bark/yell at the cats again from BEHIND mom's legs. cat hissed again, chibi ran away
  5. they probably both dont sleep much while we're gone and they're in a strange place...they napped for hours and hours after they got back home


Sumo passed out in the cat tower! His fat butt wouldn't fit inside....

Weekend Away

Chibi & Sumo were at a friend's this weekend while we were away. The friend has 4 kitties......This picture is moments after Chibi thought she was big and bad and barked at one of the cats....Chibi got cat slapped across the head and is next to Sumo because she's scared out of her mind! haha!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Photos

Tale of the Tape (Weigh-in)

stood on the scale last night...

official results (+/- a few ounces):
sumo - 18 pounds and change
chibi - 20 pounds and change

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Observations of the Week

sumo is getting as tall as chibi (and weight and length wise, he may actually already be there). he's definitely a "girth" bigger dog. she has a more "lean" look, while he's more solid in the middle (with still no fat).

he has started being more rambunctious (ill check the spelling later) the last few days. not sure what it is, we're thinking maybe it's his adolesence kicking in? the boost of extra testosterone. he's been bugging the heck out of chibi lately (and getting yelled at more than usual, from chibi). we usually hear the yelling/screaming, turn around or walk out and see chibi with sumo pinned to the floor. we separate them, then he goes right back to nipping/biting/jumping on her (repeat).

the good news is that he's learned he likes to go for walks now. he'll actually run to the door with chibi and sit when it's walk time. he still needs some work on his walk ettiqute, but, we're working on it.

another random observation is that the collars appear to be turning some of the whiter fur around their necks a strange shade of grey. ill be heading to the store to see if i can find another of the same style out of different materials. mom thinks it'st he metal from the links of the chain, i think it may be the dye from the nylon/material parts. who knows.

oh, we put the recliner into the family room (dog area). i think sumo likes it (FAT DOG!)

ps. mom has also "re-implemented" the, no dogs on the couch (since we now have a new one), unless invited. chibi is readjusting fine, sumo (who never knew or grew up with the rule), is having some issues :-p

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fat Dog Photo

Sumo after his walk.....