Friday, August 20, 2010

Doggies Vet Visit

Had to take Chibi & Sumo to the vet on Thursday. They both have their crazy seasonal allergies so Chibi has managed to eat a hole in her fur near her tail and a few other patches on her body. Sumo is licking his paws raw. They both are a mess right now...between Chibi's bald spots and Sumo's red feet....both not attractive looks for either of them. Chibi is on an antibiotic for the "hot spots" she managed to get and they are both on Temaril...and anti-inflammatory medicine to stop the "itchies".

Here is a picture of them trying to figure out their escape from the dreaded vet's office...."oh no, not the thermometer!"


gina said...


a girl and her two shibas said...

they look like they're trying to escape! hehe