Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh no......where to sleep!?

Sumo's been sleeping in munchkin's room for awhile now......last night she was at a sleepover and poor Sumo was completely lost. He had no clue where to go to bed. He waited in the hall by her bedroom door so I opened it up and he went in. About 10 minutes later he was back by the door crying to be let out of her room.

We let him out and he came running into our room. Because the dogs will be going to the doggie sitter for a fews days, I had already broken down his kennel and put it in the garage...he looked a little frantic that his kennel wasn't where it was supposed to be. So we called him up on the bed and he made his little nest and went to sleep.

Only thing.......................he woke up around 3 am to clean his butt and lick his feet! I kept trying to nudge him to stop but he kept going. I finally fell back asleep and awoke to a yellow mark on my new white's not pee, so it must be from his licking his paws/butt ALL NIGHT LONG!

Note to time muchkin is at a sleepover...make sure Sumo's kennel is set-up. No more sleeping/licking paws/cleaning butt on the bed!

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